Monday, October 19, 2009

What’s you fav animal and why?

Most people I know, love or at least like animals. I just don’t get it. At It’s good to mock, we prefer to mock them instead – the people and the animals! I asked people what their favourite animal is and why that animal is their favourite animal and stuff. This is gonna have to be one of those Pt1 and Pt2 thingys. The answers are the words below:


Neady: “My little doggy ‘cause he is like a cute little teddy bear and he can’t answer back”.

Bill Y: “You are a girl and that is such a girl answer, go and put on some pink PJs and watch Dishonest Housewives”

Kristina: “Dog, but don’t ask me why, I just love them”.

Bill Y: “A girly of few words and that can only be good thing for the rest of us when you answer like that”

Colly and Linda: (answered by Colly) “Both our fav animals are dogs and if you want to be more specific, Golden Labradors, you gotta love them cause they’re so adorable, cute and friendly”.

Bill Y: “My massive problem with your answer Commercial Boy, is that I asked the two of you the question and you came back with a joint answer. Having a joint bank account can be a necessity but having a joint opinion on your fav animal! Nej, nej, nej”.

Frankyboy: “My fav animal is a chimp ‘cause they are so funny when they are young and intellectual when older”.

Bill Y: “Very few things in this world quieten me but your answer did. For that you need to be applauded. For your answer, you do not”

Colm: "Dogs because they are barking mad lol"

Bill Y: “Respect and nothing but respect for this answer. You’re words are too good for this site”

Trishy: “Cat?...NO!.....Horse?....NO!...Cow?...NO!....Dog? is safe.......I would say a dog is my favourite because......they are loyal!!! There ya go!!"

Bill Y: “Because I know you, I expect you to answer like this. If I didn’t know you, I’d be worried for you!”

Evil Bill Y: A stuffed animal is my fav animal and if it isn’t stuffed, ‘Wielding Axe’ Anto Murphy can always sort it. Ha ha suckers.

Bill Y: “I won’t even dignify you with an answer.”

I could easily post the rest now but I have to count how many s’s there are in Mississippi. Bill Y


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