Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Losers, My name is Evil Bill Y and I’m Evil.

What up suckers. Evil Bill Y here. What I say goes and I ain't kiddin. Mockin is not good enough for me. I don’t care about that other fool. I go straight to the point and cut people down like something sharp that cuts things. I ain't takin no prisoners and you can all go to hell. What makes me sick to the pit of my infested stomach is people who are nice. You better get used to seein me around here ‘cause I’ve blackmailed your man. You see, I know something that he doesn’t want anyone to know and I intend to have my say around here, anytime I feel like it. This place is gonna get ugly. It should be called 

Here’s how you should live your life:

Stab everyone in the back and if you’re busy doing other evil stuff, get me to stab them in the back. Nothin makes me happier.

If you ever end up at a job interview, threaten the other losers who are goin for the job, tell the boss you know where his daughter lives and you’ll be on the payroll faster than Usain Bolt on a Cheetah.

Always carry a camera with you. You never know when people are goin to slip up and it pays to record every sleazy moment you can. I’ve made a lot of money blackmailin.

Listen to Heavy Metal music. There’s some great words in those songs about killin and slaughterin.

Make use of the internets. You never know when you might want to post pictures of your ex, doing things she doesn’t want her Ma to know about.

I’m sick of you already but don’t think, you won’t be hearin from me again. I’ll be here for the next few Thursdays and then I’m gonna spend Halloween week here, gettin all evil on you.

Now, where’s that fools diebastarddie t-shirt?

Evil Bill Y


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