Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mocking - The Sport

I’ve decided to try and get Mocking recognised as an Olympic sport. For some unknown reason, the International Olympic Committee (there’s 2 m’s, 2 t’s and 2 e’s in Committee) don't return my emails and that’s just downright rude. I reckon I’m a bit late for the London 2012 games but I’m hoping that Rio 2016, might work out. I’m thinking I should probably take out a patent or copyright on ‘Mocking as a sport’. Can you imagine how bothered I’d be, if I didn’t copyright it and it then becomes an Olympic sport? The great thing about Mocking is that you can practice anywhere and you don’t need any special equipment or training gear. The only thing you need is an imagination and a sense of humour and if you haven’t got these, you should collect some tokens on the back of a cereal box, not because you can send away for imagination and a sense of humour but because if token collecting can be recognised as an Olympic sport, Mocking can’t be too far behind. Bill Y


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