Tuesday, October 13, 2009

List the best

I’ve been trying to come up with a list of people I admire and it’s not going well. So far I have:

1) Myself

It took me 4 hours to come up with this list (can 1 person be a list?) and I’m finding it really hard to add to it. Sure, I could go for the obvious and choose Martin Luther King, Ghandi or Michael O’Leary from Ryanair but these people are not as good as me and I don’t see why they should be allowed on the list. Herbie Hancock is an amazing musician but I don’t want to add people to the list just to make it look bigger. There are people who have done a lot with their life who get close to the list such as Paris Hilton, Josef Fritzl or The Hoff but again, these people may have carved out their own niche in life but they’re just not good enough for the list. As much as I don’t like admitting defeat, I reckon the list remains with my brilliant self and nobody else. With so few role models around, I wonder what life will be like when I grow up. Bill Y


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