Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bagpipes - Poison for the ears

Is it just me
or do bagpipes sound like what super glued on fake nails scraping on a blackboard must sound like to blind people - what with the heightened sense of hearing and whatnot? I like sounds and most sounds are interesting to an extent. Then there’s bagpipes. If I was playing Pictionary and I had to draw what the sound of bagpipes is like, I would draw (very badly) a depressed doctor who is being sacked from his doctor job but decided to pull the tonsils from a wolf in the Emergency Room, as a form of protest. I think this perfectly describes the sound of bagpipes. Okay, maybe not perfectly but I think you know what I mean. When I pass from this world and go to write for the great big blog in the sky, I will have the bagpipes played at my funeral. Not because bagpipes sound like a happy Morrissey but because the sound of bagpipes assault the senses and I think that’s the right way for you to remember me. I can almost see my epitaph – Here lies Bill Y. Born into this world screaming like a baby and departing from this world to the sound of super glued on fake nails scraping on a blackboard. Bill Y


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