Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If it wasn't for those pesky Wife Carriers...

Sometimes you receive something in the post which cheers you up. Other days you receive something like this:

Dear Bill Y,(Not Evil)

I write in relation to your recent request to have Mocking recognised as an Olympic sport in the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Unfortunately at this moment in time we are full and therefore must decline your request. We will retain your details and if the we get bored in the future we may revisit your request but please don't hold your breath.

The committee (there's 2 m's, 2 t's and 2 e's in Committee) were impressed with your submission but we have decided to go with Finnish Wife Carrying in the 2016 Rio Games rather than Mocking. For what it’s worth, it was a close call.

Thank you for your interest in the Olympic Games.

Yours sincerely,

Jacques Rogge,
Olympic International Committee

I was so disappointed to receive this letter.
So convinced was I that they would accept Mocking, that I booked a trip to Rio in 2016. If anyone wants a cheap ticket, let me know at:

Disgruntled Bill Y


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