Friday, October 2, 2009

Everyone's a comedian

Hi everybody, please allow me to apologise for that Evil Bill Y post last night. That guy is pure evil so don’t listen to a word he says.

Disclaimer: The information in the post ‘Hey Losers, My name is Evil Bill Y and I’m Evil’ in no way reflects the views of the real Bill Y or It’s good to Mock.

As for the diebastarddie t-shirt he mentioned, I won’t say it doesn’t exist but I haven’t worn it for quite a while. He did give me an idea, though. Maybe we should have some guest writers every now and again. If you’re the type of person who can mock the bejaysus out of anything and everything, let us know about it. We’re looking for someone who doesn’t take themselves too serious. If you can come up with a joke or funny story involving a hamster, floral dress, headphones and a crystal ball, we need to hear from you in the Comments section. If that seems a bit to hard, tell us about the last time you were mocked. Make me proud folks. Bill Y


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