Friday, October 16, 2009

logo designThe massively observant of you may notice the orange dude above. Let's call him Hank. Hank usually hangs around at the very bottom of the page but doesn't like it down there. Like myself, he craves attention and wants to chill towards the top of the page. I'm in two minds about it. (which is unusual for me 'cause I don't even have one mind) In one way he could be a cool logo to have at the top of the page but he kinda looks like a Sumo wrestler and although we're in the business of mocking, Sumo wrestlers are just too big a target to mock and a barely moving target at that. The last thing I want is to wake up one beautiful morning, put on some mocking shoes, head out into the opportunistic world and be sat on by some disgruntled Sumo wrestler. That just wouldn't be cool at all. Bill Y


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