Monday, October 26, 2009

Republic of loose women

I’m not really familiar with daytime TV. I looked at the telly book and seen something called ‘Loose Women’. As loose women are my favourite type of women, I decided to investigate further and take a look. What I seen was not exactly what I expected. It turns out my definition of ‘loose’ is very much different to the programme makers definition. When I think of the word 'loose', I tend to think of something which is free from restraint. Women – free from restraint, sounded good to me and that’s the reason I decided to watch the programme.

The show consists of 5 middle aged women on a panel. All had a massive amount of make up stuff on and all seemed intent on telling each other that they had a serious attitude towards everything from fashion and gossip stuff to hen nights and massive amounts of make up stuff.

I made a call to someone who knows about this type of thing and was told that it’s a very popular programme with middle aged ladies. I think the show is supposed to come across as hard hitting and edgy but I just thought it was patronising to middle aged women. As usual. I may well be totally missing the point. I just hope I didn’t make a mistake with that DVD I got for later ‘On Golden Blonde’! Bill Y


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