Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Expensive Gnashers

Today I heard a story. Today I heard a story which made the eyes pop out of my head in disbelief. Today I heard a story which made the eyes pop out of my head in disbelief and question the value of stuff. Today I heard a story of a woman who paid €30,000 to have have her teeth fixed and I don’t mean all of her teeth. We’re talking about €30,000 to have half of her teeth fixed. We’re not talking about some famous pop star or actor. We’re talking about someone who works in the same building as my brilliant self. As the eyes popped out of my head, they wondered what you could do with €30,000 and they came up with a few ideas:

With €30,000 you could:
  • Buy some eyes that don’t pop out of your head.
  • Give some money to a charity and some to your family. If your family happen to be a charity, you can kill two birds with one stone but why you want to kill two birds with a stone anyway? What did the two birds ever do to you?
  • Take a year off work and write your novel ‘How I saved €30,000 by not having my teeth done’.
  • Adopt a child from a third world country and realise you’re not Madonna/Angelina and you don’t have the funds to raise the child as you’ve just spent €30,000.
As you can imagine, there are more things you can do with €30,000 and you can also tell a lot about someone by the way they choose to spend their money but don't expect everyone to be as together as me!


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