Monday, September 12, 2011

Natural order was soon restored

We're all massively scared of something. I have this nightmare where I’m stuck in a lift that continually plays Bon Jovi and no matter how hard I try, I just can't cut my ears off. Jill Y is afraid that the global recession will get so bad that designers will eventually stop making shoes. She wakes up every afternoon and goes online to make sure shoes are still available. As a 6 year old budding genius, Little Dill Y didn’t seem to be afraid of anything until Aunt Scurvy Jane joked that God exists. The little guy couldn't handle this premise at all because there's no scientific fact to back it up whatsoever. Sugartastic Daddy John has this fear of his wife leaving him. There's really nothing to worry about because even if it did happen, he can always turn to his other 67 wives and it'll all be good. Thirsty Dave's fear is that one evening he'll wake up and realize he's drank all the beer and this actually happened a few moments ago. Thank non existent God that I had a number for the Beerbulance and natural order was soon restored:    



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