Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It’s good to mock–telling you about the latest trend before it becomes the latest trend

Some of you are more intelligent than I am. I say ‘some’ but I mean ‘all’. Let’s start again shall we. All of you are more intelligent than I am. I’ve no problem with this so you should be fine with it too. Amongst the many, many things I don’t understand are magnets, maths and everything else. There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing your limitations and when it comes to knowledge, I always strive for the ground. Lately, I’ve come across something totally new and fresh. So new and fresh is it, that you probably won’t have heard about it yet. The scientific name for it is ‘reading’ and it involves the process of extracting meaning from a written or printed text. I’m surprised nobody else has thought of it yet and have a feeling it might really take off. Yesterday I didn’t know who or what a Hipster was but today I read ‘Hipster Quarterly’ and like a magic trick of magic, I know that I don’t want to know them and should avoid them at all costs:



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