Friday, April 9, 2010

You’re NOT a stalker. Are you sure?

There might be a problem and thinking back I should probably have realised it before now. We all have a past. Events of that past make us into what we are today. If you’ve been in a relationship and finished it with the same person twice, you should probably never have got back together in the first place. Hence forth the saying 'the past is best left in the past’. Today, you get to see something which has been in the back of my feeble mind, niggling away at me for some time now. Consider yourself privileged as a man rarely confides emotional problems and wears them on his blog. To hack the long story short, there’s a lady from my past who refuses to stay in the past and is threatening to invade the present. I use the word ‘invade’ for that is what she is threatening to do. I’m no genius and don’t exactly know what a stalker is but on reflection, these subtle hints where probably trying to tell me something:







Bill Y


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