Saturday, April 3, 2010

Time to see things for what they are

It's happened again. We spend our days doing what we do and  like to think we do it to the best of our limited ability. When you lack talent as much as we do at It's good to mock, you tend to turn to creativity. Unfortunately we don't have any creativity either so we turn to mocking. We're under no illusion as to who we are and have come to accept our lack of anything resembling ambition for what it is. We weren't always as relaxed as we are now. In the beginning we used to lose sleep because we were just so useless at everything. I remember 22/02/10 like it was only 34 days ago for it was on this day we discovered something so startling, so mind bending that we gained a new found zest for life - Check it 0ut here and then we arrive at today's earth shattering discovery. We found something which baffles the mind into all sorts of strange and exciting possibilities. Feast your eyes on the coolest thing since the last coolest thing – The King of Time:



Bill Y


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