Saturday, April 24, 2010

Always Walken the bright side of life

We’ve been called a lot of things and believe it or not, not all have been massively respectful but we like to think of ourselves as more than just a bunch of mockers. At It’s good to mock, we like  to use clichés like ‘push the envelope’ and ‘embrace change’ about as much as we like clowns and we don’t like clowns one little bit as they scare the bejaysus out of us. We’re just about ready to start a new project called ‘trying to make the world a better place without attempting to remove Bon Jovi from the realm of consciousness’. Realising that this is not going to be easy, we’re attempting a major change to society that will be applauded forever. When we reveal what we are attempting to do, your senses may be somewhat overwhelmed and not know how to react. When and if this happens, we ask that you take hold of your faculties and breath slowly – this will hopefully bring some semblance of normality back. Are you ready? Here goes:

We all know Christopher Walken is the greatest person to ever grace us with his presence. Our proposal is to create a Christopher Walken for everybody, everywhere, thus bringing joy to the masses. Please take a moment to compose yourself. You heard us correctly. Please note, these are not just fancy words we throw at you. We have thought this through, leaving no stone unturned. Please see below, our detailed instruction. If you can’t follow this, kindly leave this blog now for you are not worthy. Can you even read? I mean seriously? Enough already, bear witness:

walken Bill Y


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