Monday, April 12, 2010

Milk – The first addiction on the path to more addictions.

If there's one thing we're interested in at It's good to mock, it's people. Amongst the constant healthy and sometimes quite vociferous debate that goes on around the HQ, is the classic question:

At what stage of development does a person inherently become good or evil?

Now, we're no Socrates, Aristotle or Dr. Phil but we have our own thoughts and views. Jill Y is one of those eternal optimists who believes in the good in people. I’m an eternal pessimist but thankfully my pessimism is internal and not external. If it does manifest itself externally, then it’s through the blogispherically discovered art of Mocking. I think people are excessively greed ridden and that this can be traced back to when we are children and are first introduced to milk. Allow me to represent with graphic illustration, my point:


Milk Bill Y


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