Friday, April 16, 2010

Here’s an idea, now make me rich.

Like most people these days, we've been forced to make cutbacks at It's good to mock HQ. We like to think of ourselves as forward thinking, entrepreneurial types and are always trying to think of ways to make money to keep Jill Y in new shoes.

NB: Before we get into this, does anyone else think Jimmy Choo is a damn good name for a shoe designer?

NB2: Jimmy Choo was born into a family of shoemakers and that's gospel 'cause Google said so.

One of the massively horrible things about the state of our economy is that there are so many people out of work and as a result of this, there are too many people applying for the few jobs that do appear on the market. Companies don't have time to interview everybody and this is where my latest totally amazing idea comes in. I've been wearing my thinking cap (don’t think, I don’t have a cap with 'thinking' on it) and may have found a way for companies to narrow down the unsuitable candidates before they even get to the interview stage. This is just the first draft but I think you'll get the idea and we'll be very rich, very shortly. Suppose you are a firm of Computer Engineers and you want to hire someone. You hire me to come up with a campaign which is going to weed out the weaklings before you even speak to them: 




Bill Y


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