Friday, April 2, 2010

Sacred sisterhood of the toilet

Men & Women -  Apart from the biological, anatomical and differences in the way women park cars, are essentially the same animal. There is however one overriding trait which distinguishes one from the other. A woman will confide in a close girl friend, everything that is on her mind. A man will confide in a close guy friend, his thoughts on subjects ranging from last game to tonight’s game. Without delving into psychology, this can be attributed to women, picking up their bags and heading to the toilet together to have a gossip. For it is in this very sacred of places that women will discuss things that would never be uttered outside the confines of the sacred sisterhood of the toilet. Before I show you the most compelling of evidence, I must state that I cannot reveal my sources so please don't ask and without further ado, please allow me to present:

 Bill Y


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