Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Not So Welcome Doormat

I like to think we're a welcoming, good humoured nation of people.
Unfortunately, Jill Y's story doesn't quite confirm this.
Jill Y explains:

"Very little gets me down. If you shovel a load of crap at me, I'll laugh in your face until I confuse the bejaysus out of you and you begin to wonder if night follows day. The last time I was bothered was when that big boat with Kate Winslet went under the water to the sound of Celine Dion. I have my own theory on that historical event. I reckon the poor boat couldn't handle Celine Dion's whining and decided it was better to sink that listen to her. It was a bitter cold, snowy day when I decided I needed to borrow some money for a door for a van. I'd visited the bank a few times before but they always declined my offer to borrow money. The last time I spoke to them, I wanted to borrow €30,000 to print diebastarddie t-shirts but for some unbeknown reason, they wouldn't play ball. I felt optimistic this time but my mood changed quickly as I reached the bank and looked at the not so welcome doormat:


The Not So Welcome Doormat

I decided to turn around and go back home"

Bill Y and Jill Y


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