Monday, January 18, 2010

Bringing home the Bacon

At It’s good to mock, we like to think of ourselves as Public Servants, delivering daily doses of nonsense, every day. We like taking breaks from our work and during these breaks, we like to eat and drink. We especially like bacon and for a long time we thought there were only a selected few bacon related products available. On closer inspection, we realised there were more than we first thought. I wouldn’t go as far as say we dream of bacon but as soon as we get up, we head to the bathroom and are reminded of it immediately:
Bacon Soap                 Bacon Toothpicks            Bacon Floss
Bacon SoapBacon Toothpicks Bacon Floss
This just gets us in the mood and as I get ready for work and put on my:
Bacon Tie                   
Bacon Tie2
Bacon Watch
Quickly check the time on my Bacon Watch

I don’t eat much lunch just a Bacon Choc Bar & large Diet Coke with Bacon:
Bacon Choc Bar  diet_coke_bacon
It’s important to plan for the unexpected so I always carry some:
Bacon Bandages
Bacon Bandages
I like ice cream. Can you guess my favourite kind? Yes of course you can. It’s:
Bacon Ice Cream
Bacon Ice Cream
Jill Y is fond of shoes, so I recently got her some:
Bacon Shoes
Bacon Shoes

Last but not least, Bacon can also be used as a bargaining tool as this lady clearly understands:
Reject Christ Recieve Bacon
Bill Y


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