Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If it’s not a Frog and it’s not a Dog, what is it? It’s a Frogdog! What the bejaysus is a Frogdog?

This Christmas, there was a lack of plenty of money but Jill Y still wanted presents. After telling her that she couldn't have a pony (and you thought it was only children who asked for a pony as a present!) we were left with 2 choices - a frog or a dog. I'm a resourceful type of guy and had a chat with some people who know how to acquire 'special' presents. I had a quiet word and asked for a frog or a dog. There must of been a communication breakdown because what I was given was neither a frog or a dog. I got a Frogdog see pic below. The main problem we have is buying food. Do we buy dog food or frog food?  I told Jill Y a Frogdog is not just for Christmas!



                                                                                            Bill Y


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