Friday, January 8, 2010

The first ever disappointment of Charity

Ireland is covered in snow at the moment and I’ve been wondering if I could sell melted ice at €6 a bottle, maybe call it something like ‘water’. Jill Y told a story yesterday about visiting the bank to ask for a loan to buy a door for a van and how she wasn’t made feel very welcome. Charity Chakra is an old friend who has a similar story to tell. Charity is one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. She only sees the good in people, has a permanent smile on her face and is 100% committed to making the planet better. She’s lived in a hippie commune all her life and always puts the needs of others before the needs of herself. Charity, who is usually unconcerned about material wealth, wanted to borrow some money to give to a charity who paint permanent smiles on kids faces. Charity put some fresh flowers in her hair and headed to the bank. As she got there, she looked at a sign in the window and started crying which is something she had never done before. The sign she saw was:


Charity had never witnessed discrimination until she visited a bank so she decided to turn around and go back home.






Bill Y


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