Saturday, January 9, 2010

Can I have 4 curved yellow fruit?

At It’s good to mock, we’ve been talking. We’ve been talking about how easy it is to forget things. It happens to us all. Sometimes when I borrow money from family or friends, I forget to give it back. Sometimes I forget Jill Y’s birthday - there are so many days in a year that it’s easy to forget to remember which one is her birthday. On occasion I forget my manners.

Every now and again, I forget that Thierry Henry is a lying, cheating dog and that Bon Jovi were put on this earth to prove that there is an audience for mediocre, mundane, middle of the road music. With so many different programs and applications to log on to, it’s so easy to forget passwords.

I decided to go to the shops for some food as we needed some fruit. I think the shop people were forgetting things too because when I went to get some bananas, this is what the shop people had decided to call bananas:


I also got some oval yellow fruit and headed home to enjoy them.

Bill Y


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