Sunday, September 19, 2010

What’s on your mind Bill Y?

It’s time for some self mocking boys and girls. Apart from the parts I made up, the following is a true story. The a names have not been changed to protect the identity of those involved since it only involves, myself, Jill Y and a neurologist.

I wouldn’t be the smartest little mocker you could have the misfortune to meet. I know my own limitations and am perfectly at ease with my own stupidity. In order to do what needs to be done, I need to be ‘in the zone’. For me, this involves been laid back and relaxed. In this state, the mocking flows seamlessly and when I play music, the creativity flows with ease. Lately, neither has been happening and I’m not sure why. I spoke to Jill Y about it and she reckons that as a man, my brain is only capable of handling one thing at a time. She asked if I have been under any stress or if something has been troubling me lately. I told her that I recently read the Kama Sutra and had obtained a much deeper understanding of intimacy. Although Jill Y is not a psychologist, she has a good understanding of the human mind. We went to see a neurologist who done some tests and it all started to make sense: 


Bill Y


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