Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sometimes there just aren’t any words to describe something. This is one of those times.

This doesn't happen very often. The modus operandi of It's good to mock is quite simple. We use words and pictures to express ourselves. Sometimes we succeed and get our point across and sometimes the nonsense takes over and we end up with utter nonsense. That's just the way it is and nobody gets hurt so it's all good. But what happens when we just can't find the words to say what we want? What happens when we look for the words but they just can't be found? What happens is, we end up with a picture with no words and no story but I think we're going to be alright. For one day only, we're going to let you make your own massively opinionated minds up about what you're looking at. All that is left now is to use your eyes to carefully look at the picture and form an impression of what you are watching. Normal service to resume tomorrow:

Bill Y


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