Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kitty Litter-ature

It’s official. We’re scared and massively so. It’s rare to find us scared of anything at It’s good to mock HQ but this is serious. Those of you who visit these parts often will know that little Dill Y is a 5 year old genius. We’re very protective of him and strive to keep him in an environment that’s conducive to our future lord and ruler.

He reads Thermo Nuclear Dynamics for 5 year olds, Socioeconomic Inequality for 5 year olds and Paris Hilton – WTF? for 5 year olds. His friends are 5 year old professors, 5 year old presidents and thanks to the time machine that Jill Y invented, a 5 year old Paris Hilton. He recently became a 5 year old Barrister and as a present we got him one of those smelly feline things that follow elderly ladies everywhere. He called the cat Einstein and the cat is why we’re scared. It turns out Einstein is the stupidest cat you could ever get for a genius. I mean what type of intelligent cat gets himself into a situation like this:

Bill Y


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