Friday, May 14, 2010

These days, you can get anything on the open market

Have you ever seen that programe? The one where people send in videos of their pets doing funny things? The clips that they show, earn the sender some cash. We fancied some cash but don’t own a pet so I went to see my mate ‘Sugartastic Daddy John’ and asked if he had any pets we could borrow. Sugartastic couldn’t help us out as pets are not really his thing. When we asked for his help he said something along the lines of '”I’m a pimp, Brother Y. Women I can do but animals are not my scene”. Then he hiply, swaggered away like something out of a ‘Shaft’ film. We were just about to give up hope until we came across a classified ad in the local paper and there, before out very eyes was the exact thing we were looking for:

To be cont…

Bill Y


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