Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tack så mycket

Jill Y has only gone and borrowed a sense of humour. I don't know where she got it but I hope she gives it back soon. This must be what it’s like to be on the other side of the fence with the boot on the other hand. I'm a simple person with simple ideas about this massively confusing world we live in.

My three favourite things are:

1. *Work
2. My 'diebastarddie' t-shirt
3. Cutting up Jill Y's credit cards

My three least favourite things are:

1. Bon Jovi
2. The recordings of Bon Jovi
3. The thought of Bon Jovi infecting the minds of future generations with that bland, middle of the road, conveyor belt tripe they call music.

Jill Y decided to get me a present to say thank you for cutting up the credit cards which prevented her from spending more money that we don't have. I am now the **proud owner of a Jon Bon Jovi doll:


Not to worry, I’m a resourceful little mocker. There’s a certain website called eBay, that I just can’t wait to visit!

*denotes massive sarcasm
**denotes even more massive sarcasm

Bill Y


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