Thursday, May 20, 2010

It’s good to mock presents… another idea which will not catch on

Sometimes I think we’re just too cool. Please don’t think that It’s good to mock merely updates you with tales of mockery for we function on many levels. Every now and again, we suggest a way to greatly improve the world. The suggestion is never heeded and the world is never greatly improved but something like that will never stop us trying. Imagine this:

You have a newborn baby. You like the baby and naturally want the best for your pride and joy. You’ve learned so much since your other kid was born and now is the time to put all that experience into practice, but wait…

You have a major concern. You caught your other kid (lets call her Lill Y) smoking when she was young and you definitely don’t want the newborn to take up such a disgusting habit….

A baby receives nourishment via breast or bottle and our idea is based on this fact. Rather than filling the bottle with milk, you fill it with cigarettes. When you feed the bottle of cigarettes to the baby, you need to be prepared to clean up what baby throws up. The idea is that the baby becomes immediately sick and will forever remember that it was the cigarettes that tasted so bad and caused the convulsions. After this, your baby may grow up and try a cigarette but the memory of the ‘sick day’, will quickly erase any doubt that this is a good idea. I feel that we need to show a picture of a bottle of cigarettes at this point:

baby bottle full of cigarettes
To be cont…

Bill Y


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