Thursday, June 17, 2010

What bothers the bejaysus out of us? – Jill Y has her say

It’s time for us to share some things that bother the bejaysus out of us, at It’s good to mock HQ. Today, Jill Y has her say:

Lot’s of people like sending texts and emails and this is a good thing. Communicating like this has enriched our lives considerably. What isn’t good is that lots of people constantly substitute the English language with abbreviations, smiley’s and acronyms and have no thought for the left behind English language. Have you people no compassion? Back in the day, not so long ago, the English language was fully employed, along with other major languages such as Chinese Mandarin and Spanish. Then things started to take a turn for the worse. First they cut the English language’s overtime. Next, it’s wages were cut. After that they cut back on it’s hours. All of a sudden, it had to share it’s hours with Chinese Mandarin, Spanish and other languages.  Allow me to draw your attention to the sick changes that you have allowed to happen in our society:

 Jill Y


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