Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ANOTHER use for Cats

This world is stupid and it’s not fair. Jill Y is a scientist and gets to play with time machines, all the time. I’m not allowed to use the time machine or even touch the thick green liquid stuff that makes you invisible to your boss. The other day, Jill Y was in work and I had a day off so I decided to do a little experiment.
When you throw buttered toast in the air, it always lands butter side down. I got myself some buttered toast and put it to one side. When you throw a cat in the air, it always lands on its feet. With the help of my mate Dave ‘no Adam's apple’ Durkin, I located a cat and my mind started going through some sort of strange thought process where I combined the buttered toast and the cat together and invented Antigravity:


To be cont…

Bill Y


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