Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sometimes Jill Y turns around and gives me a dose of my own medicine OR I’ve no problem being the mocker so I have to accept that sometimes I will become the mockee.

A new law was recently passed which dictates that on the weekends, Jill Y will makes the breakfast one morning and I look after it the other afternoon. Last Sunday, Little Dill Y was downstairs reading about applied quantitative methods for trading and investment. I know he's 5  now but I’m not happy with his choice of reading material at all. I told him he should be becoming more cultured and to read the Daily Mirror. It was Jill Y's turn to make breakfast so I stayed in bed. I was really comfy and was in no mood for getting up so I sent a text and asked if there was any chance of breakfast in bed. No sooner had I finished sending the it than I received the following response:

Bill Y


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