Saturday, January 22, 2011

24 hours in a tray

Thirsty Dave's favourite number is 24 because there's 24 hours in a day and 24 cans of beer in a tray. By the same token, his favourite colour is black because black is the colour of Guinness and black is the colour he sees when he blacks out after drinking 24 Guinness. To say Thirsty Dave sometimes likes a drink is like saying World Wars I & II were sometimes unpleasant. We were concerned about the about the amount of alcohol the thirsty one consumes so we had an intervention and told him a few home truths. He thinks he can drink as much as he likes and is convinced that it will have no negative consequences at all. Under duress, I made him write a letter to our good friend Prof. Noah Tall of the University of Smartness. In the letter he outlined the copious quantity of alcohol he drinks and argued that it has no effect on his physical, mental and financial wellbeing. The good Professor has just responded with what we already knew:   

To be cont…
Bill Y


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