Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One of the benefits of having a 5 yr old budding genius is that you get a chance to get those awkward little conversations out of the way at an early age. When Little Dill Y was 2, we had the talk about the birds and the bees or to use the fancy word he likes to use - reproduction or to use the non fancy words I like to use - dancing the horizontal mambo. I learned quite a lot from him that day. Yesterday, he started talking to me about career guidance. I was hoping he would continue the family tradition of hating Bon Jovi but there’s little chance of career advancement in that. He must have inherited his sense of humour from The Simpsons because I lost my sense of humour when I met his mother so I had to steal his mother’s sense of humour but she found where I hid it and then sold it for some magic beans. He seems to have an aptitude for graphic design and marketing and came up with an interesting variant on a old theme:


To be cont…
Bill Y


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