Friday, January 21, 2011

Some things just feel right

“I'm not a baby and I'm not stupid”, said the stupid baby. That stupid baby was me and I’ve said and done may stupid things since I’ve become a stupid adult. If you were to ask me to choose the most stupid thing I’ve ever done, I’d ask you why you want to know such a stupid thing and if your answer was interesting enough, I might even answer it. If you were to ask Jill Y for her opinion on the most stupid thing I’ve ever done, she’d probably say it’s dressing up as a monkey and going into the jungle. I do this every chance I get and Jill Y just can’t understand why I do it. I know I could easily put her out of her misery and tell her why I chose to spend my time this way but I’m not going to. I think I’ll make it something I like doing for my own personal reasons and anyway, if you find something you like doing and it feels right, you should let nothing stop you from doing it:

 Bill Y


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