Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dear Girlfriend, I am sorry to hear that you have ‘The Periods’

Men and women are as similar as chalk and the Irish Governments free Christmas handout. We could write books upon books about the differences but for the sake of the story, we’ll focus on one of the main massively obvious biological differences. Once a month, Jill Y turns into a psychotic demon, intent on making my very existence a living nightmare. This is not the time nor place to get into some of the demented behaviour she gets up to but cast your mind back to the exploits of Damien in The Omen and you’re probably getting close. Each month, I walk on eggshells with fear of  breaking those eggshells and more importantly, saying something that might wake the beast within but this month I’m going to be very direct and leave her a simple note:

To be cont…

Bill Y


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