Sunday, November 14, 2010

Being dumb will get you far in this world - Just look at Paris Hilton.

I realise that we’ve been going on a lot about Little Dill Y lately so I thought we’d continue with an episode in which we’re massively impressed with his actions but also massively alarmed. When he finishes his homework, Jill Y or I take a look at it to make sure he doesn’t use any big words that his teacher won’t understand. He may be only 5 but he has an IQ of 180 and the last thing we want to do is confuse his teacher. Having said that, we like to keep him grounded by making his homework look ordinary like the ordinary people in his class. We deliberately change it to make him appear less smart than he is. We had to build an extension to house my ego so I’ll be damned if the same is going to happen to him. It’s important to us that he keeps his brilliant head out of the clouds and his brilliant feet on the ground. Yesterday he wouldn’t do his homework and I asked him why. When he showed me, I was massively impressed with his reasoning and just had to change one word and add an extra space to dumbify it:

Bill Y


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