Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time to give something back

Sometimes I think we make things too easy for you. You drop by, maybe have a bit of a laugh at the nonsense. Maybe you might count how many times there's a mention of Bon Jovi hatred. Maybe you might wonder how Little Dill Y can be 5 years old one day and 4 years old the next. If you read the posts and go all the way back to the birth of IGTM, you'll notice that we’ve never once asked you for anything. We were chatting away at the HQ and thought it was time you gave something back to us. It's time for some mental stimulation boys and girls. Allow us to demand your attention for a moment and obey our demand:


Answers to to reach us no later than Sep 32nd. The first 5 entries out of the hat wins the hat.
Bill Y


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