Friday, August 13, 2010

OMG – This new phone has GPS

We're a stubborn bunch of mockers who make mistakes and make them a lot. Every now and again, someone suggests that we should do things 'the right way'. The thing is, if we knew the right way to do things, we wouldn't be a bunch of mockers who make so many of those already mentioned mistakes.

One of my most recent mistakes was opening my mouth. I do this a lot and quite often say the wrong thing. Nine times out of 10, this is okay because the people around me, know that I don’t mean any harm and that I just say a lot of stupid things.

Jill Y’s brother’s, teacher’s, roommate Tom has a fondness for Jazz. He drinks with a mate of Sugartastic Daddy John who has a client who has a sister who recently had a baby. My big mouth decided to open itself and made a comment about her. I can’t remember the exact words but it was something about thinking that she wasn’t going to be a great mother and that her priorities were all wrong. My words got back to the mother who wasn’t impressed with what I had sad but I don’t care, I stand behind everything I said:

Bill Y


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