Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Freshly Squeezed OJ

I won’t bore you with the details but at It’s good to mock HQ, we mock people, places, things and Bon Jovi. We don’t intentionally offend even when temptation buys us a beer and offers to let us take his Scandinavian girlfriend out for the evening. Having said that…

We were sent the following picture:


Again, I feel I must stress that our intention is not to offend but you, my moronic friend in the picture, are asking for it. If it wasn’t for your attention grabbing behaviour, it would never have even crossed our minds to respond with the following:


Anyway, on the off chance that you stop been a sad pathetic, Bon Jovi loving loser and see this post, please try relax and enjoy it for what it is – a joke! If you really need to learn how to laugh at the world, try laughing at yourself first. You’ll be surprised how good it feels and if you would like a copy of our unfinished masterpiece:

‘Learn how to stop been a sad, pathetic, Bon Jovi lover in 245 days’

Send an email to

Now, what can I drink that is rich in vitamin C and comes from oranges?
Bill Y


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