Thursday, July 8, 2010

They say “good things come in small packages”, I’ll let you know in a while if that’s true or not.

Right so, this is the type of story that can get massively confusing so pay attention.  Jill Y is a scientist and gets to work on some pretty cool experiments. I’d love to tell you about the time machine but I’m not allowed to. The plan was for one of us to stay at home and wait for the new toilet to arrive while the other would help our friend Sugartastic Daddy John, to buy a furry dice for his Ford Gran Torino. Jill Y wanted to work on experiments so she remained at home and I went to see Sugartastic.  About 47.25 minutes later, I received an email from Jill Y. She’s always sending cool stuff and when I clicked on the email I thought it was very funny but then I read the words that came with the image and became nervous. The email read:

Hurry home honey and you’ll see if I made myself little or the house, big.


I think I should probably head home now to see if I’ve to live with a dwarf size Jill Y or an oversized house. Later

Bill Y
To be cont…


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