Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It’s good to mock – For every action, there’s a reaction

The following is all true apart from the part that I made up. Little Dill Y came in the other day, crying hysterically. When he eventually calmed down, he showed me this picture which explained what was bothering him so much:


I usually see the funny side of things but wasn’t going to stand by and allow the little guy to be intimidated. This wasn’t the first time, the puss had got too big for her boots so I decided to teach her a lesson she would never forget and also let little Dill Y know that he had nothing to worry about:


To be cont…

NB: It’s good to mock does not condone making smoothies out of cats. Having said that, if the cats bother little Dill Y we reserve the right to massively change our mind and make them into smoothies.
Bill Y


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