Sunday, March 28, 2010

Evolution: Life’s biggest mocker

At it's good to mock HQ, we like to think we feed you more than just a daily dose of nonsense. If we can raise a smile for a moment in an otherwise serious, heavy laden day, we're happy that we've done our job. One of the main questions that habit our collective, meagre minds is:

If we were visited by aliens and had to explain human nature in a very simple way, how would we do it?

As you can imagine, due to the importance of this question, we have devoted quite a significant amount of time to it. One idea would be to show that famous image of evolution where we evolved from monkeys:


We were all happy and thought we'd provided the perfect answer but we thought the aliens might ask questions about what we've become since we actually evolved from monkeys, into the animal we call human. This brought us back to the drawing board (which is really a bar disguised as a drawing board) and many hours later, we came up with a picture which offers a clearer explanation of life as we know it:




Bill Y


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