Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to get your stolen computer back

Our motto at It’s good to mock is

 If your computer is stolen, get it back

As you can imagine, it’s not a motto we need to use very often but there are some people out there who are hell bent on thievery so the only thing to do is to get the computer back. 

Allow me to briefly brief you on the events:

Little Dill Y was coming home from school and his laptop was stolen. You may ask what a 5 year old is doing with a laptop in school but Dill Y is a genius and is currently designing a website for the Pope. His brief is to design a mocktastic website to help turn the kids on to papal matters. Part of being a 5 year old genius is having the ability to think on your feet and this is exactly what Dill Y done. No sooner had the computer been stolen, than he decided to ask for it back with the aid of some wood and some carefully selected words:


Now we just sit back and watch as the thief can’t resist sending an email to the outstanding email address in the picture. Once we have the email, we have the thief.

To be cont…
Bill Y


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