Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mocking cats on the internet

Things change. One minute we’re going about our business of mocking, the next we’re counting the amount of cats on the internet. All of a sudden we’re mocking cats on the internet. There’s an entire cat world out there that we weren’t aware of. Some have real attitude, like our friend here:


We tend not to think of cats as having the same needs as people. It turns out they borrow money like the rest of us and indeed face the same obstacles to borrowing as the rest of us:


Speaking of obstacles, this cat seems to be going through something that many of us went through in the 80’s:


Some people are just selfish and will eat before feeding the cats. As you can imagine, the cats won’t necessarily appreciate this and may decide to share their unhappiness with you:


All of us are searching for approval in one way or another so I was happy when one of the cats had a look at this post and gave me theirs:


Bill Y


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