Saturday, February 13, 2010

Check out The Clinic

If everything was the same, we’d be massively bored, massively quickly. Thankfully there are some strange places out there, that stand out from the norm. One such place is The Clinic Bar in Singapore. While sports themed bars are popular these days The Clinic Bar, as the name suggests, models itself on a clinic. Take a look at originality in action:

Outside the venue, the seats are hospital beds with pillows as cushions


Inside the venue, more of the same and wheelchairs


The lights are those big things they have in operating theatres

The Clinic,Singapore

If you found yourself waiting for friends in The Clinic Bar, you might look through a magazine to pass the time over a quiet drink which you can get in a Drip.


I was trying to think of the type of magazine you could read if you were waiting in The Clinic Bar for some friends to arrive. I’ve only gone and found the perfect magazine. Although I like the ‘girls’ part, I’m not too keen on the ‘corpses’!

Bill Y


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