Monday, August 17, 2009

Sport Bill Y

I like watching sport. I don’t actually play sport but I watch a lot on television. For some reason, as I sit back in my chair, I feel like I have this god given right to criticise the professional athlete for not reaching 100% in their chosen field. A recent example of this would be Padraig Harrington who lost to Tiger Woods in the 2009 World Golf Championship at Firestown. Padraig made one mistake and his chances of beating Tiger were gone. I screamed abuse at the television and Padraig for slipping up. Could I have beaten Tiger Woods? No answer is required but I felt like I could criticise Padraig for making a solitary mistake in an otherwise perfect display. I think it was more to do with the fact that he was Irish and I was willing him to win, rather than anything else but I felt personally let down that he did lost. The less talent I have in a sport, the louder I scream abuse at the television. The neighbours have since bought headphones so they don’t have to listen to my angry outbursts!


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