Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How do you measure the good in people?

It’s 9:50pm on Friday. You come across a cheap flight which is leaving early on the following Monday morning but you have work on Monday. You’re not the type of person who calls in sick unless you are actually sick so the only thing you can do is ask your boss for the time off. The problem is that it’s 9:50 pm on Friday and it usually takes a fair bit of time and planning from the office end to organise time off work. You realise that your boss is in the office until 10 pm so you send off a quick email, more in desperation than hope. A couple of minutes later you receive an email from your boss confirming you have the time off. The organisation I work for relies heavily on rules, regulations and compliance. Strictly speaking I shouldn’t of been given the time off but my boss was a very reasonable person who always helped the staff when it was possible. In return, she had our respect and we were always on hand to do her a favour when we could. She helped create a sense of harmony within the team and we appreciated her. Although she is not my direct boss anymore, she still works in the same office. I must send her a link to this post and ask her to leave a comment about it. Bill Y


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