Friday, August 21, 2009

Shatner Friday and all is good.

This Shatner Friday started the same as last Shatner Friday. I had every intention of mocking Bill Shatner but yet again, the mans utter brilliant genius grabbed me in a vice like grip and refused to let go. In 2004, Shatner released his second album entitled Has Been. The album was produced and arranged by Ben Folds and most of the songs are co-written by Folds and Shatner, with Folds creating arrangements for Shatner's prose-poems. This track is called ‘It hasn’t happened yet’ and is musically and lyrically as solid as something really solid. Christina commented on the Shatner Friday post of August 14th and liked Fleming McWilliams who done backing vocals on the ‘In Love’ track. She pops up again on this one and she is totally on form. This one’s for you Christina. Enjoy everybody. Bill Y


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